Personal advisory and planning
At System KURRI personal consultation is considered absolutely imperative. Company owner Ing. Ernst Kurri and his competent staff guarantee reliability in advisory, planning, assembly and start-up of all installations.


Innovation from our point of view is more than developing new models to enlarge our product range. We continuously review and edit our product lines to guarantuee the stable value for our customers.


Over 6 decades of experience
Our great competitive advantage is our long-time experience in plant and mechanical engineering. Even as a reliable partner of industries our team led by Ing. Ernst Kurri has built up a high reputation.


Research and development
This is a prior domain of System KURRI, not only in matters of products and processing. Our management takes an outstanding interest in staff development and advanced training of our motivated personnel.


Cost-aware & climate-neutral
Our heating systems enable our wood processing customers to use the residues from their production facilities as free fuel - the thermal recycling of wood waste is completely climate-neutral.


Resource-conserving & eco-friendly
By choosing our suppliers as well as by using "waste" as an energy source we take care of sustainability and consider actual standards and norms. Also we provide our customers with userfriendly interfaces using state-of-the-art technologies for comfortable and efficient monitoring and, by request, managing their installations from everywhere needed.


Outstanding quality
System KURRI provides best quality to our customers. This is consistently proven by different up-to-date certificates.


e kurri systemkurriYour contact person
Here you scan the digital business card of company owner KommRat Ing. Ernst Kurri to your mobile phone.