System KURRI is THE producer of biomass heating systems providing a constant high level of efficiency. We deliver optimal complete solutions especially for joineries respectively furniture producers: from innovative silo filling to reliable bunker discharge systems to ecofriendly boilers.
Since more than 55 years we are well-established as a trusted partner of European trade and industry. Our customers profit from our innovative strenght and experience in economical and technical issues.

System KURRI is a brand of MSW GmbH.

Robusta boilers firematic PLUS Silo filling
Robusta in 2 Varianten Firematic Silobefuellung Home

Our approved Robusta biomass heating systems can be ordered in different power stages and corresponding dimensions.

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Our firematic PLUS combustion boilers provide economical and comfortable heating with wood chips and/or pellets.

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The brand new vertical silo filling systems for wood fabrication waste, wood chips and pellets are provided in differentdesigns regarding various assembly sitiations.

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Our biomass boilers combust any flammable waste from carpenters and wood processing industries:

Hobelspäne Hackschnitzel Pellets
Wood chips and shavings,
grinding dust, sawdust
Industrial wood chippings,
chipboards, any other wood waste
Wood pellets, industrial pellets,
wood briquettes