mutlizyklon small

Multi cyclone dust extractor

Efficient environmental protection with lowest operating costs

Our multi cyclones clean the flue gas, coming from the boiler, of dust and soot particles. The multi-cyclone separators are in a series and parallel circuit of cyclones designed in such a way that the degree of separation is as high and the loss of pressure is as low as possible. The flu gas cyclone with concentrically arranged turbulence chamber and detour downstream is easy to clean using inspection openings which are detachable for maintenance.

Flue gas ventilator

Lowest power consumption with optimal output

The flue gas is sucked through the boiler by a high temperature fan. The well balanced fan wheel, is constructed for maximum efficiency using, high temperature and exhaust gas resistant steel. The flue gas ventilator is driven by a long- life three-phase alternating current asynchronous motor. The amount of air needed for the fire is controlled for energy-saving using the frequency inverter. The gas which is now nearly dust free after the multi-cyclone and the flue gas fan is blown into the chimney.


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